4 Worthwhile Reasons Your Old Windows Need to Go

Knowing when to replace your old windows can be a challenge, especially since there are both obvious and subtle signs that your windows aren’t doing their job. Many homeowners consider the age of the windows to be the decisive factor on whether to replace them or not. While that may be true, there are many other reasons to replace your windows than just old age.

old wood windows

NEXT Door & Window, the go-to company for windows in the Chicagoland area, lists the top four reasons to let go of your old windows and upgrade your home with their replacements:

1. The Window Frames are Rotting

When the frames start to decay, the windows need to go. This is because rot and decay on the frames indicate lingering moisture damage, which compromises the entire window. As the frames rot, they become unable to support the glass, causing a shift that opens up spaces for leaks and drafts to seep through. Mold growth also becomes imminent.

As a durable replacement, we offer a variety of options from top brands like Marvin®, Sunrise®, and Infinity® windows. These come in top grade frame materials like vinyl or Fibrex® for lasting durability in all weather.

2. Expected Energy Savings

You can enjoy better energy savings in your home by installing energy-efficient windows. These will lighten the workload on your HVAC system, which in turn lessens the utility bills you pay each month. You can also enjoy rebates from the government and utility companies for your new windows, which could save you hundreds per year.

3. Your Home Needs a Facelift

Replacement windows are not just practical appliances, but aesthetic ones, too. Our window options can give your home an instant boost in curb appeal and visual serenity like no other. This doesn’t just increase the value of your home, but also gives you an immense pride of ownership.

4. Maintenance Requirements

Amid your daily busy schedules, you may find that setting time aside to maintain your old windows has become increasingly hectic. If your old windows demand constant care and attention, then perhaps it’s time to let them go. Replacement units come with very few care requirements and are easier to clean, so you need not exert so much effort in maintaining them.

Talk to the leading contractors for window installation in Illinois about the best window options for your home. We are committed to ensuring a stress-free replacement process from start to finish. Our windows also come with some of the best warranties in the industry.

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