6 Tips on Enhancing Your Home’s Front Entry

Your front entry is a significant part of your home’s curb appeal, which is why your choice of a new front door is important. You’d want it to be clearly visible from the curb, creating a great focal point. NEXT Door and Window give you some tips on making your Illinois doors stand out and create a lasting first impression:

Front Entry

  1. Clear the sightlines – Don’t crowd the front door with unnecessary shrubbery or stonework that would block the view. If you want these elements on your entryway, make sure you arrange them in such a way that passersby can still see the front door from the curb.
  2. Keep it lit – Your front door should be well-lit both for aesthetics and safety. Instead of regular doorpost lamps, you can also consider strategically hidden low-voltage lights. They light up the doorway and make it look larger than it is.
  3. Choose a contrasting color – A tried-and-tested way of making your front door pop out is by painting it with a color that strongly contrasts against the siding. For instance, bright red front doors in Illinois would look great against dark blue siding without looking too bright. It also provides an easy visual cue for your guests.
  4. Visible pathway – A clearly marked path leading from the curb to the front door helps give a welcoming vibe to visitors. You can use extended lighting from the curb to the pathway. You can even invest in some types of lighting with motion sensors.
  5.  Protective canopy – A small roof or awning over the front door has several benefits. It adds protection from the elements and provides bigger visual cues to the where the front door is.
  6. Landscaping – Add a dash of color to the surroundings by simply placing containers of flowers near the front door. Brighter colors tend to make it more noticeable from the street.

Make your home stand out with these design ideas from NEXT Door and Window. To learn more tips for your doors in IL, call us at (855) 893-6100. You can also fill out our contact form to request a free quote.

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