6 Tips on Styling Your Garden Window

If you’re looking for replacement windows in Burr Ridge that can brighten up your kitchen, consider garden windows. They are basically small bay windows typically installed above the sink, or in any place where you would normally put potted plants. They naturally brighten up a room and give it an earthy vibe.

Styling Your Garden Window

Here are our six style tips if you’re interested in getting garden windows for your home:

1. Decorative or Practical — Plant size aside, there is practically no limit on the choice of plants. You can choose flowers, orchids, or even bonsai plants for decoration. You can even choose cooking herbs like basil, cilantro, and parsley.

2. Purpose and Order — Don’t just pick random plants and crowd the garden window. Pick one main plant and let that one be the focal point. Everything else should be complementary.

3.  The Fewer, The Better — Sometimes, having fewer plants have more visual impact. Try choosing a combination of three plants maximum.

4. Daylighting — While the top sides of bay windows are covered, garden windows have glass to provide more daylight. This makes sure your plants get enough sunlight. Avoid choosing tall plants like fiddle leaf fig or small bamboo species that might block the top glass area.

5. Hanging Garden — Try installing hooks at the window head and hang pots from there instead of the typical middle shelf. Think of it as your own indoor hanging garden. Before you do this though, carefully select which plants to include. In addition, make sure your replacement windows in Burr Ridge, IL, can carry their combined weight.

6. Mix and Match — try filling in the spaces with non-plant items such as figurines, clay sculptures, and other small items. For example, Old West figures and a miniature ranch-style house look well with potted cacti on your window: a mini diorama.

NEXT Door and Window would be glad to provide you with the right Burr Ridge replacement windows for your home. From garden windows to other window styles, we can meet your home’s needs. Our windows come for the leading manufacturers today, so rest assured of quality products. Call us today at (630) 323-6398 or fill out our contact form.

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