Door and Window Replacement Part 1: Their Advantages

If your home is due for a bit of improvement, you might want to focus on projects that involve your most visible design elements. These include windows and doors—components that can boost your home’s curb appeal and contribute to its comfort and efficiency.  If age and extreme weather have left them damaged, now is the perfect time to replace them.

Door and Window Replacement

In the first installment of our two-part blog, NEXT Door & Window, your provider of quality replacement windows in Naperville, IL, discusses how window and door replacement can benefit you and your home.

1. Reduced Energy Costs—Replacing your doors and windows can be one of the most cost-efficient home improvements you can make. Newer units have greater insulation than old and failing ones. Since they keep airtight seals, replacement doors and windows prevent expensive cooling or heating energy from escaping your home. This, of course, depends on the material your door and window brand is using.

NEXT Door & Window, for instance, carries Sunrise® entry doors and replacement windows in Naperville. Rigid vinyl makes up their windows, with their frames filled with polyurethane foam for superior insulation. Our Sunrise entry doors have the same insulating properties, only they come in fiberglass and steel. All units use advanced Low-E glass and are ENERGY STAR®-certified. This means they meet the stringent energy performance ratings set by the program.

2. Increased Curb Appeal—Most replacement doors and windows today come in durable and efficient materials. This doesn’t mean that they can’t increase your home’s curb appeal. Newer doors and Naperville replacement windows add visual interest your home, especially when you choose NEXT Door & Window’s selection. Our Andersen® doors and windows, for instance, are available in a range of lovely colors, hardware finishes, and grille patterns. With their extensive customization options, you can easily match your new units with your home’s décor and architecture.

3. Easy Maintenance—Sustainability is at the forefront of today’s selection of replacement doors and windows. Our Albany entry doors, for example, have an extra smooth surface for painting that can resist dents, cracking, and splitting. Meanwhile, our Infinity® from Marvin windows use Ultrex® fiberglass. This material excels in strength and durability, providing superior weather protection and lasting performance. With these, you won’t have to worry about the stress and expenses of repair and maintenance for a long time.

Turn to NEXT Door & Window for your door and window replacement project. With our trusted brands and expert installers, we’ll make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Fill out our form today for a free estimate.

Be sure to check the second installment of our two-part blog, where we’ll discuss how to choose the right door and window installer for your home improvement.

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