Factors to Consider When Replacing Historic Windows

Finding the right Downers Grove replacement windows for your current historic units can be difficult because of the original design’s limitations. Adding contemporary elements to historic buildings are generally frowned upon, and could look out of place. If you need to replace your historic windows, consider the following factors.

Replacing Historic Windows

Historic Accuracy

Ask yourself how accurate do the windows have to be. There are two possibilities when it comes to historic building restoration. On one hand, you can hire restoration experts who will research and recreate the original windows from reference materials, such as archival photos. They may also source the exact kind of wood, glass, and hardware. Maybe even hire the original artisans who made the original windows.

On the other hand, you can hire window contractors who can provide you the customized Downers Grove, IL, replacement windows with modern materials. While the first option is ideal, you have to be prepared to address difficulties. They may not be able to source the original wood, glass and/or hardware, or there may not be clear reference photos to allow accurate replication. In addition, consider that the new frames will likely be susceptible to the same problems the original had, like warping, cracking and rot.

Modern materials may not be the most physically accurate choice, but they have their benefits, such as frames that are warp and rot-resistant. You’re also improving your home’s energy efficiency, helping preserve the equally historic interiors.

Choice of Contractor

If you choose modern replacements, keep in mind that not all window contractors are the same, and choosing the wrong one could be a mistake. Here are important factors you should consider:

1. Available Materials — The term can pertain specifically to the frames: historic windows will require a natural wood finish, or at least a painted-wood look. In either case, you’ll need frames that look and feel like wood. Fortunately, our Infinity® windows are made with EverWood, a revolutionary wood grain finish that looks and feels like real wood. It also holds paint much better than wood can.

2. Energy Efficiency — Our modern windows assure you of energy efficiency. On top of the energy savings, energy-efficient windows also help maintain a stable internal temperature, essential to keeping historic homes in good shape. Having the ENERGY STAR® seal is the best way to identify energy-efficient windows.

3. Custom Sizes — Resizing the wall opening is the last thing that you want to happen with your replacement windows. That is why it’s essential that the window contractor offers custom-size replacement windows in Downers Grove, like we do.

We’d love to work with you when you replace your historic windows. Call NEXT Door and Window today at (630) 323-6398 or fill out our contact form.

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