4 Benefits of Installing a Storm Door

Storm Door

Whether we’re facing winter snowstorms or spring rainstorms, a storm door can greatly benefit any entryway. We have created a list of 4 benefits of installing a storm door on your property this season. Since storm doors are expected to fulfill so many requirements, homeowners should be careful when choosing their storm door and installer. Our team offers an array of storm doors in various brands, styles, and custom colors to best fit your needs.

What is a Storm Door?

A storm door is a type of door that is installed in front of your main entry door to provide protection against all kinds of bad weather. As an additional outer door, it adds another level of protection to keep your front entry door well maintained. Storm doors also provide increased ventilation and can create an additional level of security for your home. Whether you’re looking to install or replace or poorly performing storm door, consider these benefits as you explore your storm door options.

Top Advantages of Purchasing a Storm Door

A storm door can be durable, energy-efficient, stylish, innovative, and add great value to your home. Whether you want to showcase your entryway, seal a draft, let more light in, or ventilate your home, a storm door can provide all of this and more.

Storm Door

1. Protect Your Entry Door

If you are looking for ways to protect your beautiful new front door or entry space, you may need to invest in a storm door. Once you purchase a new front door, installing a storm door is an excellent way to extend the life and beauty of your new purchase. In addition, a storm door will minimize the total amount of maintenance you need to perform on your entry door. If you choose a storm door with a retractable screen, it can also protect against bugs while letting in fresh air when leaving the entry door open.

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2. Improve the Value & Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Installing storm doors is one of the most inexpensive home projects that provide many benefits to homeowners. Besides protecting your entryway, you can also boost curb appeal with a storm door. Sometimes when we think of storm doors we may find them plain or uninviting. However, they can truly be so much more than that.

If you need a storm door that allows your front door to shine, you can purchase a door with a full view. You can customize the color of the door to help your entryway pop, or blend in the tones with your home’s facades to give it that high-end clean look. Whatever you are dreaming up, our experts can help you visualize the appearance of your storm door with our Home Visualizer Tool before it is installed. Compare a variety of styles, colors, and materials before purchasing a new door.

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3. Increase Energy-Efficiency

An excellent benefit of installing a storm door in your entryway is enhanced energy efficiency! Storm doors help you save energy, as they are good buffers against extreme temperatures during the summer and winter seasons. If your energy bills are high, you may want to consider purchasing a storm door to improve the efficiency of your living space. Plus, anything that helps you live a little greener is a good way to help our earth.


Storm Door Installation in Illinois

4. Enhanced Home Security

Another top benefit that storm doors can provide is that they offer additional security to your home. The purpose of a storm door is to add a second barrier and locking mechanism to your home. Hiring a certified professional to install a storm door will make it harder for intruders to gain access to your living area. We think anything that can give you an extra sense of safety is worth it in our book.

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