How Our Replacement Windows Prevent Energy Loss

Energy loss has been a recent point of concern amongst homeowners, builders, and remodelers. Nonetheless, what exactly is energy loss, and how can our Aurora, IL, replacement windows help prevent it?

How to Prevent Energy Loss

Energy Efficiency

Energy loss is a home’s inability to retain heat, which is especially necessary during cold days. As the heating system compensates for the heat loss, more power is essential. The better your home is at retaining heat, the less your heating system compensates, assuring you of less energy loss.

The situation during hot days is different. Sunlight is divided into three spectra: visible light or the part that provides illumination; ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can fade carpets and cause skin problems; and infrared rays, which carry solar heat.

Sunlight streaming through clear glass lets all three spectra through, including infrared rays. As your interior gets warmer, the more the AC compensates. This then leads to energy loss. The home has to be energy-efficient to mitigate energy loss. While the walls, doors and roofing can be insulated, windows are a different matter.

Window Frames

Window frames have to be made of relatively lightweight material with insulation properties. Fortunately, our Infinity from Marvin replacement windows have frames that are made from Ultrex®, a pultruded fiberglass material that insulates even under extreme temperatures. It is also stronger than vinyl by up to eight times and resists just about anything wood is vulnerable to. This makes them the perfect choice for energy-efficient windows.

Window Glass

Energy-efficient replacement windows in Aurora require at least double-glazed glass: the airspace between the two panes reduces thermal transfer, similar to how a Thermos works. The correct type of spacers will virtually eliminate contact between each pane, and further reduces conduction.

 Marvin replacement windows feature glass with Low E (low-emissivity) coatings. They filter UV and infrared rays, and let as much visible light as clear glass does.

With these technologies combined, Marvin replacement windows are ENERGY STAR®-certified. More importantly, they prevent energy loss through their superior energy efficiency.

NEXT Door and Window is proud to install Marvin replacement windows in Aurora, IL. If you would like to know more, call us today at (630) 323-6398 or fill out our contact form.

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