Illinois Experts Answer “Should You Consider Window Replacement?”

There are many obvious reasons why homeowners choose repair over replacement. But what if your windows are in an irreparable state, and it’s really time for you to let go of them? What if patch-ups are recurring and are already costing you a fortune?

Home experts offer these tips to help you make up your mind.

Here are signs you must consider replacement for your windows in Naperville, IL:

1. Paint is starting to peel on your exteriors

Windows that are not properly sealed may have caused this. A faulty window seal can allow moisture to enter. Exposure to UV rays and extreme temperatures can cause expansion on the frames, especially in older homes.

2. Noise penetrates your home

Old single-pane glass may not be enough to block outside noise. This is because your window’s insulation deteriorates over time, and unwanted sound and drafts can penetrate the inside of your home.

3. It doesn’t operate properly anymore

Do your windows get stuck whenever opened or closed? If your windows need support to help them stay open or shut, you probably need to consider a replacement.

4. You feel drafts

Try checking a certain area near your window. If you feel warm or cold spots, this suggests faulty insulation.

5. Ice and frost buildup is noticeable.

The transition from hot to cold air will be too fast if insulation is inadequate. This results in condensation. This later on develops into frost and/or ice formation on the panes of your windows.


The only way to be sure that you are getting the most out of your windows is through assessing their condition. Check your windows today. If any of the symptoms above are present, call NEXT Door & Window—the trusted expert contractor for windows in Naperville and other nearby areas. We will be glad to help you out.

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