5 Popular House Styles and the Best Windows for Them

If your house’s aesthetic appeal lacks, and your windows aren’t matching, then it may be time to call in the experts. A house’s overall look needs complementary elements to be at its best. If even one piece doesn’t match the rest, it’ll stand out (and not in a good way). That’s why we’re sharing the five most popular house styles and the best windows for them.


The ranch-style home is one of the most iconic U.S. architectural styles. They’re generally designed with an open-concept layout and have low-pitch roofs. They’re generally designed with an open-concept layout and have low-pitch roofs. Its interior exemplifies the “great room” floor plan, where rooms are not clearly defined but are combined for a more free-flowing space.

Since they’re typically one-story houses, picture windows that open up the room and offer panoramic views would perfectly fit this house. Picture windows are large fixed windows that provide expansive views and light. It’s one of our favorite windows and a great addition to any home. It’s an innovative product that can add comfort and energy efficiency to your ranch house. 


Modern homes embrace clean, simple lines with minimal distractions. They feature flat roofs, tend to be boxy, and have horizontal, oversized windows. Many modern houses have an open floor plan and monochromatic interiors. 

Above all, the house should look functional. We’d suggest slidingcasement, or picture windows with a single pan to best complement this modern style. These windows will blend in beautifully with the contemporary design without distracting from the “minimal” factor.


According to Better Homes and Gardens, the colonial-style home is one of the most popular styles in America, and it’s easy to see why. It is characterized by classic colonnade porches and spacious rooms that branch off the main hallway, foyer, or grand stairwell. 

Colonial houses are either square or rectangular, usually have multiple stories, and the entry door is front and center. This type of house would look best with the traditional “six over six,” small double-hung windows with that number of panes in each sash. They are beautiful homes with a lot of curb appeal.


It’s easy to spot a Tudor house with its half-timbering facade and steep, gabled roof. Tudor-style homes are uniquely beautiful; they have a storybook feel, wood detailing, and a medieval-inspired aesthetic. Houses with these distinctive features would pair well with narrow casement windows in groups of three or more to keep the classic look going.  


Victorian-style houses borrow from English architecture and feature curved towers, spindled porches, turrets, and high-pitched roof slopes. Medieval influences and intricately designed woodwork characterize them.

Very ornate details enhance this house, and tall, skinny windows that look out over wrap-around porches will work beautifully with it. Bay windows would also look fantastic with this style!

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