Replacement Windows: Giving More Value to Your Home

Not all renovation projects pay off the same way. For instance, adding a home studio may make a property more appealing, but may have the least effect on the price. A bathroom makeover or window replacement in Naperville IL, on the other hand, can boost your home’s market price.

A 2014 research on home improvement projects done in the East North Central states, shows that replacement windows offer about 69% to 74% return on investment. Here are other ways replacement windows can add value to your home:

Energy Savings 
By changing windows, you can solve common issues, such as air leakage, condensation formation, and solar radiation absorption. All of these factors can significantly increase your energy consumption. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home, replacing old windows with modern ones adds value to the property, as it helps reduce energy usage. Many replacement windows in Naperville options now come with this feature.

Do you wish to change the look of your home without conducting a full house renovation? Window replacement is a cost-effective alternative to a home makeover. You may change double hung windows to awning type for a beautiful view of the outdoors. Another suggestion is to make your breakfast nook more inviting by replacing your casement windows with bay window or you can let more light in the bedroom by installing stylish bow window type.

Many replacement window contractors know how to weatherproof windows. During installation, highly trained contractors, such as Next Door & Window, may put expansion foams, rubber membrane, and specialized sealants to make sure the window is watertight and airtight. Some also add capping to the outer trim to protect it from water exposure and damage. With these alterations, you won’t have to worry about the changing weather conditions and costly repairs.

Replacement windows are rewarding home improvement investments. Apart from increasing the market value of the property, these also make your abode more appealing and resistant to weather changes.

Get in touch with a window specialist like Next Door & Window to learn more benefits about window replacement.

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