Can Your Windows Withstand the Seasonal Elements?

We live in a beautiful state that is blessed with all four seasons. However, unfortunately, we have to deal with rough winters and summers, and our homes can feel the stress of that as well. So it’s always a good idea to keep track of your windows to ensure that the shifting seasons don’t catch you off guard!

Season’s change—the performance of your windows shouldn’t. They should be able to give you privacy and protect you from the elements, whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. Here’s a suggested action plan to make sure your windows serve their purpose all year round.

Step 1: Inspect Your Windows

Windows can be affected any time of year, but it’s crucial to check in before the colder seasons. Our windows can take a severe beating when harsher weather kicks in. As part of your storm season preparations, we suggest performing a thorough inspection of your windows.

Things to look for when inspecting your windows:

• rotted frames
• failed caulking
• cracked glass

Watch out for fogged glass too! Cloudiness between the glass panes is a sign of poor insulation. You will need better insulation if you want to stay warm during winter and cool in the summer.

When it comes to warming your home during winter, sufficient window insulation is key. Our products are made from high-quality materials and built using the latest technology to help protect your home regardless of the weather. Our Design and Energy Experts can help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Seal Your Windows

After inspecting did you discover cracks, slits, or gaps in the window unit? These openings create air leaks. Air leaks let in cold drafts during winter and cool air escape during the summer. Which is equivalent to you wasting money on your energy bills!

These leaks need to be sealed to bring temperatures back to comfortable levels. You can do this by weather stripping or caulking around the frames.

Must note, some windows cannot be salvaged by weather stripping or caulking alone. If the glass is fogging, you may need to upgrade to a window unit with better energy efficiency.

With as much as half the energy in your home going to heating and cooling costs, investing in energy-efficient, quality windows will help lower those bills way beyond wintertime.

We explain more about energy-efficient windows in this blog post HERE.

Step 3: Repair/Replace Your Windows

Sometimes a window can be fixed, but sometimes it just needs to go! Take note that window fixes can vary depending on the extent of the damage on your window.

For example, cracked frames and sills are fairly easy to repair as mentioned above. But if they’re thoroughly rotten, the window needs to be replaced.

We know that sometimes it can be hard to tell where your window stands and what exactly it needs. If gauging the damage is too difficult on your own, call in window experts to give a professional assessment.

Professionals have the proper knowledge to offer you recommendations. They will listen to all your concerns, assess your living situation, and come up with the perfect solution.

And if a new window is needed, the pros can also help you choose window designs that will blend with your home’s architectural style and decor.

Time for an Upgrade?

Give your windows a fighting chance against ever-changing weather conditions.

At Next Door & Window, we offer high-quality replacement windows from some of the most trusted names in the industry. We make sure your new windows are installed correctly and sealed tightly to keep those unwanted drafts out for good.

When you come to us with your window problems, we inspect your old windows to see the extent of the damage. Then we build you a replacement unit that matches your home’s measurements as well as your concerns with budget and style.

The materials used to build our windows are sturdy, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient. This way, you’re not constantly worried over rotting frames, fogging glass, and ballooning electricity bills.

Each window unit is also given air and watertight seal. We use an ingenious combination of rubber membrane, specialized sealants, insulating foam, and exterior cladding to ensure maximum protection from the elements.

Are you in need of weatherproof replacement windows? Call today to schedule your free appointment at 630-280-2748 or contact us HERE.


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