Sliding Windows: Your Guide to Benefits & Uses

What Are Sliding Windows?

A sliding window is a type of window that opens horizontally. They’re also referred to as sliders, glider windows, or gliders. They’re one of the simplest replacement window designs and are customizable with the number of window panes and movable panels. You can push at least one of the panels to the side to open the window completely. 

Sliding windows are almost always wider than they are taller, which makes them an excellent option for areas with a wide window opening. They’re also easy to operate because they can be moved with just a push from your fingers. 

Types of Sliding Windows

There are three main types of sliding windows: single sliders, double sliders, and three-pane sliders. 

Single Sliding Window

Single sliders have one fixed pane and one moveable pane. The movable pane slides back and forth on the sash. 

Two-Panel Sliding Windows

A two-panel sliding window has one fixed panel of glass, and the other is a movable sash that slides to the right or left to open. 

Three-Panel Sliding Windows

A three-panel window has three panels of glass within one window frame. The middle panel is typically the one that is fixed, while both outer sashes move left or right to open the window. 

When Should You Use a Sliding Window?

Sliding windows are a great option to use when you’re trying to fit a wide space. They fit well into larger rooms, like living rooms, dining rooms, or kitchens. Any area that requires more natural light could benefit from a sliding window. 

The design of slider windows is sleek and perfectly suited for modern homes. They offer a simplistic and minimalistic look for your house. 

Sliding windows in dining room


Pros and Cons of Sliding Windows

Slider windows have both advantages and disadvantages to consider. 


Unobstructed Views

A huge advantage of slider windows is that they offer a great view of the outside. They have minimal framing so that you won’t miss any of the beauty outside of your window.  

Natural Light & Ventilation

Slider windows tend to be larger because they cover a wide surface area. This allows for more natural light and fresh air to enter your home. 


Because slider windows have such a simple construction, they are one of the most affordable window options. 

Ease of Use

Slider windows are very easy to open and close, making them a great choice if you’re concerned about accessibility. They’re also excellent for difficult-to-reach places, like tight hallways or stairwells. In order to open the window, you just need to be able to reach the bottom. 

Low Maintenance

Instead of springs and pulleys that are used for other window types, the simple mechanism of the sliding window doesn’t degrade over time. They require very little maintenance and have very few components that can be damaged. 

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Difficult to Clean

The inside of slider windows is exceptionally easy to clean, but the outsides can be more difficult. Fortunately, most types of sliders are able to tilt or pop out the moveable pane to ensure that you can reach where you need to to make them spotless. 

Dirt and debris can also get caught in the tracks. To keep your window clean and functional, you’ll need to clean and lubricate the tracks. 

Roller Maintenance

Rollers are part of the slider window mechanism and they may have to be replaced every few years to keep your windows in peak condition.  

Potential Drainage Issues

Water can pool in the window sill, which can lead to mildew growth or cause issues with the track. To avoid this problem, choose slider windows that have drainage holes. 

Weaker Seals

Slider windows don’t seal as tightly as casement or awning windows. This can result in them being less energy-efficient and pose security issues. However, if your slider windows have interlocking meeting rails between the pains, these issues can be avoided. 

Best Locations For a Sliding Window

Sliding windows look great in any style of home and in any room, as they come in a variety of sizes. However, the best locations are in rooms that are used frequently throughout the day. Sliding windows offer beautiful views and a lot of natural light that make any room they are in more pleasant. 

The kitchen and living room are popular choices, as these are the rooms where the most people gather throughout the day. 

Kitchen Sliding Windows

Living room Sliding Windows


How Much Do Sliding Windows Tend to Cost?

Sliding windows tend to be a more affordable option. The cost can vary depending on the type you choose and the size and options,  but generally ranges from as little as $500 for small installations to $1500 for higher-end products and large installations. 

How Long Do Sliding Windows Last?

Slider windows can last anywhere between 15 and 30 years, depending on the materials used. 

Are Sliding Windows Energy Efficient?

Most slider windows are energy efficient as long as they have interlocking meeting rails between the panes. They have fewer moving parts than other windows, which gives fewer opportunities for air leakage. 

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