The Exceptional Features of Ultrex® from Marvin

Performance is the top factor that homeowners consider when it comes to windows. Whether it’s a frame material or a glazing, it is important that all components of a window result in the best endurance and efficiency possible. The right attributes will help you meet your needs.

Ultrex® from Marvin

As the top provider of replacement windows in Naperville, NEXT Door and Window offers Marvin’s Integrity and Infinity series that come with their exclusive Ultrex® material. Learn how it provides you with long-term benefits:


Ultrex is made from pultruded fiberglass that is eight times more durable than vinyl. It has been stress-tested to support more than the heft of two giant monster trucks, proving its top-notch tensile strength. This outlasts other window materials since it can withstand severe conditions better, ensuring its lifespan through the years.

Ultrex does not expand and contract despite its constant exposure to fluctuating temperature. Furthermore, it resists leaks, rotting, and corrosion that can compromise performance. It only requires minimal upkeep, which can save you repair and maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency

Ultrex is also engineered to keep your home more comfortable with less utility costs. It helps stabilize your indoor temperature as it allows a definite amount of heat to enter and escape out your home. This means your heating or cooling systems don’t have to exert a lot of effort as it used to. Using less energy can reduce your carbon footprint, which promotes a better environment.

Ultrex is available in a variety of glazing options to match your region’s climate pattern. We can help you pick the right Marvin replacement windows in Naperville, IL, with the best performance ratings.

Visual Appeal

Ultrex uses a thick, acrylic finish that ensures lasting beauty for your windows. It resists extreme heat and UV rays, allowing its original color to retain for years. Furthermore, it won’t peel, dent, crack, or chip, making it virtually maintenance-free. Since it is paintable, it allows you to express your personal style that will complement your décor.

For top-notch Naperville, IL, replacement windows, look no further than NEXT Door and Window. With over 69 years of experience, we know the best solutions that offer long-term performance, energy savings, and visual impact for your home. Call us today at (855) 893-6100 to learn more about our services. We are always ready to assist you with your needs.

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