Tips on How to Pick a Front Door Color

Choosing your front door color can be a huge decision that affects the entire aesthetic of your house. Whether you want your door to stick out, blend in, or be unique from all of the others around you, doing some research can help you decide. 

Let’s discuss how to pick the best front door colors, what the trendiest front door colors are right now, and how NEXT Door & Window can help. 

How to Pick the Best Front Door Color For Your Home

Your front door makes a statement about your style and your home. Choosing the color for your door is one of the most essential decisions to determine how you want the exterior of your house to feel. The color you choose can put your personality on display and boost the curb appeal of your home. 

A fresh front door color can also: 

  • Influence mood
  • Make your house unique
  • Set a tone for your home
  • Increase home value

1. Work With Your Surroundings

If you’re not sure where to begin when deciding on a paint color for your front door, draw some inspiration from your home’s natural environment. Natural earth tones can have beautiful curb appeal while still complementing the home’s surroundings. 

Natural lighting around your front door can also help you decide which paint color would suit your home the best. If your porch area is darker, a light or bright color will stand out against the darkness and look striking. Conversely, if the entry is bathed in natural light, a dark color could look best.

2. Consider Door Design

The amount of detail in your front door or if your front door has any imperfections can help you decide on which color to choose. Lighter paint colors show off architectural details.  If your door has a lot of carvings, a lighter paint will be best for highlighting them. 

If your door has imperfections, a darker color may be best. Darker paint colors will hide imperfections on the door better than a light color would. 

3. Use a Color Wheel

A color wheel is a helpful reference that displays the relationships among different colors. It organizes them into circles of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Checking the color wheel can help you see which colors complement each other and which ones don’t go well together. 

When consulting your color wheel, think about whether you want to stick with a monochromatic color scheme for the exterior of your house. If you do, then you can choose darker and lighter shades within the same color. If you want your door to contrast with the other colors of your house, choose a door color that’s the opposite of your house’s main shade. 

4. Consider Storm Door Color

If your front door also has a storm door, consider painting its frame or buying a new one in a contrasting hue to your front door color. This is particularly appealing if you choose a more neutral tone for your front door. The storm door can add a splash of color to your home’s exterior. Whether you choose a bold color or one that blends in more, remember to pick an accent color for your storm door. 

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What is the Most Inviting Color For a Front Door?

The most inviting color for a front door will depend on your aesthetic, the style of your house, and the mood that you want to give. 

Recently Trending Front Door Colors

Some front door colors have a classic appeal, while others are trendy for a number of reasons. These are the most popular front door colors across the United States. 

Red Front Doors

Red is a classic and traditional color choice that still manages to be bold and inviting. It’s the top choice for five states, including Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maryland, and Missouri. 

Small home with red front door

Black Front Doors

Black is actually the top trending front door color in the United States. 17 states chose black as their top choice for their front door, including California, Florida, and New York. 

Black front door design

Green Front Doors

Green as a front door color is associated with nature and is a great way to blend in with the environment around your home. Nine states chose green as their top pick for a front door color, including Washington. 

Green front door

Blue Front Doors

Blue front door colors can show off a range of personalities depending on the shade, the rest of the home exterior, and the style of the home. Blue was the top front door color choice for both Connecticut and Louisiana. 

Blue front door

Traditional Front Doors

Traditional front doors with a natural finish are also a popular option, though it’s not a color. In Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, and Oregon, the traditional wood front door was the top choice. 

Traditional front door

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