Sometimes our homes call for special shaped windows. Maybe you’re looking to diversify the windows in your home, add architectural elegance, or simply upgrade old specialty windows. With plenty of options at your disposal, you can be as creative as you want.

Transform Your Home with Specialty Windows

Transform Your Home with Specialty Windows

Window designs aren’t just restricted to squares and rectangles. By choosing other shapes like full or half-circles, triangles, or octagons, you can add an artistic element to an otherwise traditional home design. With the many shapes and sizes we offer, along with guidance from our Design and Energy Experts, we can help revamp your space.

Transform Your Home with Specialty Windows

Regardless of the style of window you desire for your residence, you can rest easy knowing that your new windows are assembled and supplied by some of the most trusted manufacturers in the window replacement industry. With our Home Visualizer tool you can try on styles and get a better idea of the overall result before making a decision.

Also know that even if the specialty window isn’t already in place in your home, we can help create it. Add an elegant arch or a unique angle to an otherwise plain window to give your home that wow factor. See more examples of this below.

Another thing to note is that since these specialty windows don’t normally open they can be very energy efficient. Energy efficient windows are key to winters in Illinois. Read more about energy efficiency HERE.

Specialty windows can also help to open up your space and create a more light-filled home. If you’ve read our post on bigger windows and open spaces, you’ll know that filling your home with natural light can bring an array of health benefits to your mind and body.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade old specialty windows or to go bold with a whole new look, NEXT Door and Window can bring that vision to life through thoughtful window design.

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