Understanding the Importance of ENERGY STAR®-Rated Windows

To get the most of your window replacement in Aurora, IL, it is important that you choose ENERGY STAR®-rated products. They offer valuable benefits not only for your home but also for the environment. Let Next Door and Window explain the significance of this label:

ENERGY STAR®-Rated Windows


Introduced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program designed to promote energy-efficient products. It aims to lessen greenhouse gas emissions to sustain a better environment through the years. It also helps consumers to achieve long-term savings and comfort with wise energy usage.

Through its partnerships, ENERGY STAR provides information and tools to guide businesses and individuals in choosing the best energy-efficient solutions and management practices. This has accomplished $362B worth of utility savings as well as 2.5B tons of reduced greenhouse gasses since 1992.

How Do Windows Earn the ENERGY STAR Label?

Windows in Aurora, IL, must meet the stringent standards set by EPA to earn an ENERGY STAR label. This includes:

  • Double or triple panes of glass with inert gases to improve insulation against heat flow.

  • Spacers that provide the right distance between the glass panes to lessen heat transfer and avoid condensation.

  • Frame materials that enhance the window’s insulating properties.

  • Special coatings to make a low emissivity glass. It reflects heat and UV rays, offering indoor protection and comfort.

Windows come in different performance ratings that will match your region’s climate. The main factors are the U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SGHC). The lower their values, the more energy-efficient they are.

How Will It Benefit Homeowners?

With the growing demands posed by climate change, we need products that offer superior protection. ENERGY STAR-rated windows make smart solutions since they withstand severe conditions through the years. Furthermore, they help stabilize indoor temperature so your heating or cooling systems don’t have to work harder anymore. This allows you to save money for years as you enjoy a more comfortable home.

As the expert in window installation in Aurora, IL, Next Door and Window can help you achieve the best energy efficiency for your home. Our ENERGY STAR-certified Marvin and Sunrise® replacement windows feature exceptional specifications that will optimize your home’s performance. Call us today at (855) 893-6100 and we’ll help you choose the best solution for your needs.

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