Video: Our Hassle-Free Window Replacement Process

In this video, find out how we install replacement windows in Downers Grove. We also explain what to expect when our crew arrives at your home.

Do you need better windows? Some contractors will do a poor and careless job installing your replacement, but we won’t. NEXT Door & Window believes in making your project as hassle-free as possible. We prefer thorough techniques to shortcuts and tricks.

When you hire us to work on your windows, expect the following from our start-to-finish full-frame window replacement process:

  • First, we remove all components of your old units. We clean up the wall opening, smoothing out uneven surfaces to ensure a tight fit later on. Next, we will unpack your Downers Grove replacement windows and check for anything amiss. Only after we’ve made sure that everything is in order will we start the actual installation.
  • Our crews will insert the pre-assembled units into the opening. Once they’re in, we shim and adjust them for proper operation. Once we’re satisfied with the fit, we apply foam insulation, flashing, and caulking around the new units for a weather-tight and energy-efficient seal.
  • The installation process doesn’t end after weatherproofing. We cut window trimmings on site and install them on your exteriors to achieve just the right look and placement. Indoors, we remove and replace interior molding to keep the overall style consistent. We cover up nail holes too, so you won’t have to do it yourself.
  • For the ultimate stress-free customer experience, our crews will haul away old components and debris. We will leave the worksite just as clean as we found it. Finally, we will conduct a full inspection of the completed work to make sure we’ve met all your expectations.

You don’t need to worry about damage or mess in your home with our knowledgeable and experienced crews around. We know our manufacturer guidelines by heart, so you can rest assured that your replacement windows in Downers Grove will be installed without a single glitch.

Moreover, we have specialists at hand who can respond to your questions promptly! We take great pride in our quick and efficient service. No matter your window concern, we’ll be there for you in a jiffy.

Ready to replace your windows? Call us up at (855) 893-6100 today.

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