Which Marvin Window Styles Are the Best for Ventilation?

Ventilation is important to not only cool your home naturally in summer but also keep your indoor air fresh. All operating windows can help ventilate your rooms, but which one is the best? As the ultimate source of replacement windows in Aurora, IL, NEXT Door and Window ranks Marvin window styles based on their ability to ventilate your space.

Marvin Window Styles

Bay or bow

Projection windows provide maximum ventilation because they comprise more than two operable panels. The bay generally has two flanker units, which can be either casement or double-hung style. The bow can have three to six equally sized movable units. They can capture breezes from at least two directions. Ordinary fixtures only face one side, which limits their ability to catch drafts.


A casement window comes with a hand crank used to open and close the window. This makes them ideal for installations over counters and sinks. This type of Aurora replacement windows swings all the way, ventilating rooms effectively because it leaves the entire wall opening unobstructed when cranked out. Unlike two-sash fixtures, you can let plenty of clean air in to freshen up your space.


Although you can only open one panel of glider windows completely at a time, they can still allow a lot of fresh air through. This type of window generally covers wide openings, increasing the airflow well even with just one opened panel. Glider windows from Marvin slide effortlessly on the track for years. They also contribute to high energy savings.


This is a common style used for many homes in the country. As opposed to their single-hung predecessor, the operating upper sash of double-hung replacement windows in Aurora promotes better air circulation. Stale indoor air would naturally rise and escape through the upper sash as it warms up.

Marvin windows are your best options when it comes to ventilation, energy savings, and improved aesthetic appeal. They come with high-quality wood and clad finish for long-lasting durability and beauty. Marvin units also bear the ENERGY STAR® seal, ensuring more energy savings all year long.

Improving your home ventilation with Marvin windows takes more than just learning the basics. At NEXT Door and Window, our skilled consultant will help you decide on the best window styles for your home. Call us now at (855) 893-6100 to talk about your project.

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