Window FAQ: All about Energy-Efficient Units

Do you have any questions about energy-efficient replacement windows in Burr Ridge? We answer the most common ones in this entry.

Thanks to the rising awareness on environmental issues, energy-efficient windows have become must-haves for many households. How much do you know about these units? Even after many years in the business, we still get several questions from homeowners about them. We answer some of them below.

1. How can I benefit from energy-efficient units?

These replacement windows in Burr Ridge have excellent insulating properties. These will help keep heat inside the home when it’s cold out, and the opposite when it’s sweltering outdoors. That contributes significantly to overall indoor comfort. If they have spectrally selective glass coating, these can help you optimize natural lighting, as well. As these can help with heating and cooling, our windows can help you lower your utility bills in the long term.

2. What makes a window energy-efficient?

Remember three things: frame, glass, and installation. For the frame, you need a material with excellent thermal value. Wood, vinyl, and fiberglass come to mind. As for glass, if it has low-emissivity coating on the surface, the better insulation you get. This special coating blocks out unwanted heat without sacrificing visibility and lighting. Lastly, professional installation will ensure that your windows will have no gaps, cracks, and other damage where costly energy can escape.

3. What are some examples of energy-efficient products?

Sunrise vinyl windows feature multiple chambers and a polyurethane core. These make the units insulate much like freezer doors. Marvin’s Infinity and Integrity lines, on the other hand, use Ultrex® fiberglass, an ENERGY STAR®-rated material that insulates up to 500 times better than aluminum. These Burr Ridge replacement windows include Argon gas in between panes and warm-edge spaces for even better thermal values.

When it comes to wood windows, you can’t go wrong with Andersen® windows. Made of natural wood, these are the perfect blend of energy efficiency, beauty, and durability. These also use Low-E glass, which adds insulation value to the unit and works like sunblock in protecting your furnishing from UV fading.

4. Where can I get one?

NEXT Door & Window carries and installs stellar units from Andersen, Sunrise, and Marvin. We also offer these top manufacturers’ great warranties. If you need better windows for your home, get in touch with us right away. We’ll help you find the right unit for your home. You may schedule a free quote of our products and services with our experts as well.

Got a question about energy-efficient windows that was not answered here? Give us a call at (855) 893-6100 today.

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