3 Types Of Windows That Offer Superior Ventilation

Windows primarily provide ventilation and natural light, which are essential inside your home. This is especially true in the summer season. Imagine having no windows at all inside your house. The lack of ventilation would be hazardous to your health, aside from it being an uncomfortable setup. Some days become too hot to bear that even mechanical ventilation can no longer provide good air circulation.

Natural air is just one concern; what about homeowners who wish to have good outdoor lighting minus the heat? This is highly attainable with the replacement windows in Illinois and Madison, WI that we at NEXT Door & Window provide. If your current windows are at least a decade old, then this would be the perfect opportunity to have them replaced with new ones that offer excellent ventilation.

3 Types Of Windows That Offer The Best Type Of Ventilation

Bathroom with bay windows

Casement Windows

Among all window types, casement windows provide the most control in terms of ventilation direction and intensity. According to the Efficient Windows Collaborative, since casement window sashes can be opened into an airstream, breezes that pass by can be directed into a certain area or room.

Along with superior ventilation, our energy-efficient casement windows can also help you save on your energy consumption and bill over time.

Living room awning windows

Awning Windows

The amount of air and light that awning windows let in is significantly greater than most window types. These windows offer superior ventilation and are considered to be the highest performing on the market, much like the Marvin® Windows we install.

Our Marvin Windows have incorporated smooth operation with a multipoint locking system that offers cleaning and maintenance ease. The great thing about awning windows is that they maximize unobstructed views.

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Bathroom double-hung windows

Double-Hung Windows

Even without the presence of outdoor air, double-hung windows are able to provide natural ventilation because of the airflow within a room. Of course, the more wind present outside, the better. But if we’re talking about humid summer nights with little mechanical ventilation accessible, then double-hung windows could be your best bet.

These windows feature a ventilation system that allows cool, fresh air to enter at the bottom while letting hot air exit through the top opening. The higher the ceiling and the taller your windows are, the more effective this window will be. Natural ventilation and lighting are important to your family and your home. So make sure your next replacement windows can provide exactly just that.

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We have casement, awning, and double-hung windows from top brands such as Marvin Windows and Infinity by Marvin.  Our team offers convenient window installation services in the Chicagoland area and Madison, WI. Our staff will help you improve the ventilation in your living area with replacement windows. Just give us a call and our window experts will be ready to assist you.

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