The Most Common Mistake Homeowner’s Make When Buying Replacement Windows:

Too many people choose their favorite brand and style of windows, but they NEVER get the benefits they hoped for because they didn’t ask any questions or get any details about the window installation.

Two Things You Have Simply Got To Know:

  1. The “Bad Installation” Problem is Rampant:  It is extremely common for even well known “professionals” to do a poor and incomplete job on window installations.
  2. Bad Installations Are a Big Problem:  Not only will your windows underperform, but a bad installation can allow water and moisture to leak into the wall and cause mildew and mold problems.
Rotted Window Sill

Chicago Area Homeowners Trust NEXT Door & Window For The Finest Replacement Window Installations Available

Once you realize that even the best replacement windows on earth will fail unless it’s installed properly, you will understand why a NEXT Door & Window installation includes the following steps:

1. Get The Size Exactly Right
Getting the right size seems so obvious and basic – but we continue to be amazed by the number of replacement windows we see that are not the right size. Other contractors usually install windows that are from a “closet fit” pre-made inventory. We measure the windows to determine the exact size of the replacement windows to 1/8th of an inch.
7. Repair Interior Walls As Necessary
Once the underlying walls and studs are properly inspected, treated, and repaired, we will build or refurbish the interior walls as necessary.
2. Inspect All Parts BEFORE We Arrive
Most contractors don’t check these things until they show up at the jobsite, and then when things are missing, or don’t include the right number of parts, they either try to make-do with what they have, or they have to come back and open up your wall again. At NEXT Door & Window we are absolutely committed to getting the job right on the first trip. That’s why all new windows are checked, double checked, triple checked, and more…we perform a total of 8 reviews to ensure that your windows are exactly the right size, and that all parts are accounted for.
8. Insert The New Windows
With all of our precise measurements and attention to detail, our windows are fully prepared to slide right into place for an exact fit.
3. Pre-Finish With The Paint or Stain Of Your Choice
Most other contractors will tell you that if you want to paint your windows, you’ve got to do it yourself. One of the things we are most famous for is our exclusive pre-finishing service. We disassemble and then paint or stain your windows the color of your choice.
9. Water Tight Seal
With each install we add a rubber membrane and specialized sealants to ensure an air and water tight seal.
4. We Show Up With Installers That Are Certified By The Manufacturer
Don’t settle for the “usual” handyman installer. The manufacturers are extremely careful and precise about how they want their products installed in order to maintain their warranty. We ensure that our installers receive the training and certification from the manufacturers. In fact, our installers have additional training and certification from Installation Masters – a nationwide training and certification program that sets the standard for window and glass door installation.
10. Non-Expanding Insulation Foam
Each new wall is prepared with plenty of our specially formulated NEXT Door & Window polyurethane non-expansive insulation foam. Be careful; some contractors use expanding foam, and over time the foam will push and stress the window frame, causing it to bow and break the seal.
5. Remove and Inspect The Old Window Area
We remove the old windows, tear out any old, rotting material, and get down to the studs.
11. Add Interior Trim – And Make It Look Sharp
We offer complete new framing and interior prefinished trim, or in some cases if it is in good shape and you prefer, we can use your old trim to maintain your existing look.
6. Inspect For Mold, Mildew, and Water Damage
Any mold and mildewmust be effectively treated or removed.
12. Seal Off And Protect The Inner Wall
We add a protective cap to the exterior window frame. We seal up the frame and we add an additional exterior capping material to the exposed exterior trim to protect your investment and help to prevent damage from water and exposure.

Back All Our Work With An Outstanding Warranty

A warranty can be a tricky thing. Too many people buy replacement windows with a Lifetime Warranty – only to find that the replacement window company they bought them from went out of business.

A warranty should be very straightforward, and it should come from a stable company that has a proven track record. Many of our products come with Lifetime coverage PLUS we add our own full 2 year NEXT Door & Window labor warranty. And as for stability: we have been serving Chicago area residents since the 1940s.