3 Clever Treatment Ideas for Multiple Windows

Multiple windows are useful in many ways: they can make your room seem bigger, improve your outdoor view from the inside, and increase your daylighting. However, replacing your solid walls with windows can be a privacy problem. This is why you should dress them right.

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As the top installer of multiple replacement windows in Burr Ridge, IL, Next Door and Window wants to share a few clever ways to treat your window walls to cover your interior spaces in style. It may be tricky, but these window treatments are worth the trouble:

Roman Shades below Transoms

Covering your large gliders and picture windows with Roman shades never fails. This type of treatment offers handy privacy and helps control the flow of natural light when necessary. If you have awning-style transom fixtures above your window wall, leave them unadorned to keep your interiors adequately illuminated and ventilated even when your shades are completely down.

The color, pattern, and texture of your shades depend entirely on what you already have in the room. Regardless, take this opportunity to balance the interior design. Use your Roman shades to neutralize either the heavy prints on your sofa or the bold hue of your walls.

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Layering for Bays

For bow-style replacement windows in Burr Ridge, using a layer of drapery panels and Roman shades can cover the glass and the frame entirely. Considering the tricky shape of the bow fixture, you need to customize rods to fit the bend in the walls with ease.

When it comes to the design, draw inspiration from the prominent elements in the room. For instance, base the color and pattern of the treatment on the furniture’s for cohesion. If your couch has floral, orange upholstery, using circles and shades of red for your window coverings creates harmony.

Panels for a Family of Windows

If you have Burr Ridge replacement windows in bay-style, hanging drapery panels can individualize the group of fixtures. Panels of covering helps soften the area and highlight each window.

To add interest, pick draperies with two distinct colors instead of sticking to the usual singular hue. Even if the palette is neutral, having white on the top band and brown on the bottom easily makes your treatment arresting.

Let’s plan your multiple window project now and discuss different treatment possibilities. Call Next Door and Window at (855) 893-6100 and tell us your ideas for your window walls.

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