4 Window Styles that Provide More Light and Outdoor Views

Windows come in different styles, providing not just a variance in looks, but in their functionality as well. Each style has its own advantages and areas it excels in that are worth looking into.

Window Styles

To get the best windows for your home, it’s important to consider two of the most vital factors: lighting and outdoor views. Homes that offer improved lighting and views can make your home feel spacious. NEXT Door & Window discusses four ideal styles for your window replacement in Aurora, IL.

1. Bay and bow windows – These two window styles are popular because of their aesthetic advantages. They can make any home look stylish from both the inside and out. Their fashionable look allows them to serve as a highlight for your design. When combined, they can even boost the lighting in your home. Bay and bow windows also have large glass areas that provide exceptional panoramic views. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary design, these windows in Aurora, IL, can make your home stand out.

2. Casement windows – This style features a slim frame that can accommodate larger glass area. This can create a wall of light for your home, without compromising your ventilation. You can enjoy your outdoor view more by installing a series of casement windows.

3. Double-hung windows – If you have a home with traditional architecture, consider the double-hung style for your next window installation in Aurora, IL. Popular in the 18th century, it can maintain the classic style of your home while improving the lighting and views. These windows have two operable sashes, making it easier to manage the light and air that enter your home.

4. Glider windows – These windows are ideal for small rooms due to their ability to save space. You can open and close glider windows with just a quick slide. Like casement windows, they have slim, sleek frames that allow more light to pass through.

NEXT Door & Window offers quality products, including bay and bow, casement, double-hung, and glider windows. We partner with the nation’s leading manufacturers, such as Marvin®, Sunrise® Windows and Doors, and Marvin Windows and Doors. Together with our expert installation processes, our innovative products can make any home a better place to live in. Contact us now or visit our showrooms to learn more about our products.

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