How To Choose the Perfect Windows

Are you noticing that it’s time for new windows? Damaged, broken, or inefficient windows are known to cause discomfort as well as higher energy bills. No one wants higher bills!

Maintaining your home’s windows can help ensure that it remains cozy and functional despite harsh climate conditions- think brutal winters. Yet with all this info it can be easy to feel completely overwhelmed when choosing the perfect windows.

Today our experts are sharing their tips on how to choose the best windows for your home.


Replacement windows can offer valuable advantages for your home, including enhanced ventilation, improved lighting, energy efficiency, and better views. To fully enjoy these benefits, be sure to assess what your living space actually needs. You should also take note of your home’s design elements to establish a harmonious appearance. When working with our experts, they can help you visualize this final window look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.


While windows can give your home’s exterior a sense of scale and visual identity, they should also suit your room’s function. Consider the orientation of your home to the sun and wind to determine the ideal placements.

For example, windows facing east receive a low angle of spring sunlight, which may cause glares to your television or computer screens. You can manage this by setting the sill more than four feet off the floor or by incorporating shades.

Likewise, if you know which course the prevailing wind blows, you can install operable windows in that area for maximum ventilation.


Which brings us to our next point, window placement is important. Each window style offers different levels of daylight and ventilation for your home. Casement, gliding, and double-hung windows are the top choices when it comes to this factor.

You can install them in any dim and humid areas of your home to instantly freshen up your living space. If you want to strike a balance, consider bay and bow windows. Their multi-configuration allows you to pair different window styles that will meet your needs.

The right placement allows you to enjoy the full benefits of your windows. For instance, casement and awning windows are ideal for areas with limited reach since they are easy to open with their cranks. If your room is facing a high foot traffic area, opt for gliding and double-hung windows since they don’t obstruct any pathways as they open.


Your home’s facade must uphold a warm and welcoming ambiance. For most homeowners, this means a conventional, symmetrical approach. However, there’s no need to replicate the pattern of windows on your house’s front angle for all the other sides.

Your replacement windows can deal with variations in style and quantity if they are consistently treated. If you want a floor-to-ceiling window, it’s best to give it its own wall instead of placing it next to your traditional units. This allows you to enjoy your views without ruining the cohesiveness of your home’s aesthetics.

Picture and specialty windows make perfect finishing touches to spruce up your home’s aesthetic. You can use them alone to create a focal point or match them with other windows for the best impact. Furthermore, you can customize your windows to your heart’s desire.



You can make the most of your window’s functionality with the right energy efficiency values. The main factors you should look for are their U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).

The former measures the ability to keep heat from escaping your home, while the latter measures the ability to sunlight heat. The lesser their values are, the more energy-efficient a window is. Another thing to look for when shopping is the ENERGY STAR® label on the windows. ENERGY STAR® is the trusted symbol for energy efficiency and is backed by the government.

Our Design and Energy experts will help guide you along the way. They will make sure you choose products that offer superior performance, durability, and sustainability.


The sun’s UV rays harm more than just your skin; they can damage your floors or furnishings, and that’s where a Low E coating comes into play. This metallic coating is placed on the inside surface of the glass to reduce the sun’s rays.

Low E coating added to the low U-factor and Solar Heat Gain will create the ultimate energy-efficient window for your home as well as provide you with added protection from the sun. The brands we offer use high quality, low E glass to ensure protection, and significant cuts in energy costs.


When you’re choosing quality over anything, you’re able to choose from reputable brands that have been in the window and door making business for decades.

You know that you’re getting something worthwhile for your hard-earned money. You’re choosing from brands with high ratings and products that fit or exceed all the qualities you’re looking for.

At NEXT Door & Window, we offer Marvin, Infinity, and Sunrise windows.

Choosing the perfect replacement windows is easier when you turn to NEXT Door and Window. We have years of experience and extensive training to make sure that the products we install in your home perform well.

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