Window Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

It’s amazing how replacement windows in Naperville can dramatically improve something as useful as a bathroom. They offer added illumination, a better view, or a style update. If you happen to be looking for new bathroom windows, these ideas can help get you started:

Window Design Ideas

Focal point

A large window positioned right beside the bathtub lets you maximize daylighting or experience bathing under the stars without actually going out of the house. This has the added benefit of not having to use artificial lighting. You can either hang sheer curtains or opt for partially obscured glass for privacy.


If your bathroom happens to be facing a great view, don’t waste it with regular-sized bathroom windows. Floor-to-ceiling replacement windows in Naperville, IL, let you enjoy the view while having a relaxing bath.  You can partially cover them if privacy is a concern.

Spacious bay or bow

A variation on the theme is a large bay or bow window. The added floor space can nestle a freestanding tub, giving more floor space for movement. Bay and bow windows also offer superior illumination and are compatible with several types of window treatments for privacy.


Speaking of privacy, you can opt to have clerestory windows. They are narrow horizontal windows positioned close to the ceiling. Our replacement windows have slimmer frame profiles that allow for a bigger glass area, providing maximum natural light.

These windows work the same way as clerestories. What makes transom windows different is that they can be added over existing windows, making them bigger. This makes your bathroom brighter with minimal changes.

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