How To Winterize Your Home’s Windows

Winter is coming! You’ve probably started planning activities you can do in the comfort of your home, from curling up under a blanket with your newly purchased book to enjoying a hot scrumptious meal with your family. To be more comfortable this season, it’s best to do some improvement projects, including winterizing your windows.

4 ways to help you prepare your windows for the Winter:

1. Check Drafts

An air leak is a common window problem that can increase your energy consumption. You can detect it through a smoke test. Close your windows and hold a lit incense stick in front of the jamb or the sections that form the frame. If there is air leaking, the smoke will be pulled inward. An instant solution to this problem is to seal the leaks through caulking and installing weatherstripping.

2. Recaulk and Apply Weather Stripping

Scrape off any worn-out caulk along the edges of your window frame. With a damp cloth, remove dust and dirt that have accumulated. Make sure no caulk adhesive remains on the surface. Apply fresh caulk and seal as needed to block air and water that may get through between the frame and wall.

3. Use Window Treatments

Installing drapes may significantly reduce heat loss as they prevent heat from escaping your home, especially when you hang them from the ceiling. You may seal drapes on both sides using a magnetic tape to provide a better barrier. For improved insulation, use two layers of drapes.

4. Get Double-Pane Windows

iIf your current windows are single-pane or are beyond their service life, consider getting double-pane replacement windows. The space between the glass panes often contains an insulating gas that improves the windows’ thermal performance.

Winter-ready windows can help enhance and maintain comfort in your home. If you’re considering a replacement, feel free to contact NEXT Door & Window.

We offer top-of-the-line replacement windows in Illinois from leading brands, such as Marvin, Infinity, and Sunrise. We’ll help you choose a fitting option for your home based on your architectural style, home decor, and budget. Call us today, and our dedicated staff will be glad to assist you.

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